Learning is a collaborative effort between students and teachers. Throughout my time working as a teacher I have found that I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. Their innovative ideas and creative solutions surprise me every day.
     Thinking outside the box should be encouraged in the classroom. This will create an atmosphere where discovering unique solutions is the everyday norm. Lessons should not only teach them valuable art-making skills, but they should also guide them into further inquiry and problem-solving. The projects and lessons I teach in my classroom should only be the beginning. Through their divergent thinking and creative processes, they will carve their own path to a new and unexpected solution. Failed art projects are never unsuccessful when the students are trying new things.
Students should also be learning from their peers.  For example, when they come up with something unique or original, they should be eager to collaborate with their peers. I find that students love to help each other through discussion, collaboration, and cooperation. This can build their critical thinking skills without them even knowing it!
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